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Tree Service in Clearwater, FL.

If you’re looking for a reputable, five star reviewed, tree service in Clearwater, Fl. than look no further than Allen’s Tree Works! With years of experience, our team has seen it all. We’ve been in the middle of some crazy hurricanes and powerful rain storms. We have seen firsthand what mother nature can do to homes and businesses in our community. Our tree service company has been there to help and partake in the clean up efforts in Pinellas County and other areas. We’re a licensed and insured, affordable tree service company in Clearwater and all of north Pinellas..

We have the same outstanding team members for the past 6 years doing tree service and tree removal in Clearwater.

Tree trimming should be done once a year and is important in keeping the tree healthy and away from any structures.

Tree removal is dangerous and should be done by experienced professionals. We are licensed & insured tree removal experts.

At Allen’s Tree service we trim & remove trees fast and affordably in Clearwater, Largo and the surrounding area.

One of the top rated tree service companies in Clearwater, Florida

Whether you attempted to take your tree down, or a storm did, we can help. A family owned business for over 20 years, Allen’s Tree Works is a local tree service company in Clearwater that does tree trimming, tree removal, storm clean up and more. We provide quality tree care and tree removal service. Our team can handle any job, no matter how big or small. From trimming to removing trees, we do it all! You won’t find another company that offers the same level of expertise as ours. Owner is on every job. Call us today for an appointment.

Home and business owners sometimes make the mistake of choosing a tree service strictly on price. We get it! We pay bills. Price is important. We all know the cheapest isn’t always the best and usually there’s a reason they are cheaper than the rest. Many times they don’t adhere to the international society of arboriculture when it comes to trimming tress. Price should not be the only consideration when choosing a tree removal in Clearwater or anywhere else for that matter. Without the proper equipment, training and experience, it could lead to property damage, damage to your tree, or something much worse, a possible injury to someone on your property. So beware of using tree removal companies that do not know how to do proper tree removal and pruning techniques. It can be a big mistake for you and your tree.

Tree Trimming in Clearwater, FL. - One bad pruning can kill your tree!

Tree service in Clearwaterr Most tree trimming is done once every couple of years. Many times homeowners will try to do it themselves, and in some cases they can if the tree is not too large. However, tree trimming and tree removal can be a very dangerous job and should only be done by arborist or licensed and insured tree care companies with years of experience. Our Clearwater tree service team have over 20 years in tree care and removal. We have the experience, skill and equipment to handle any tree service project. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and satisfying experience. Our tree service experts will take the time to find out your tree care needs and help you make the right decision that best fits your tree and budget. We do tree removal, tree trimming and more. We have a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5 star rating with Angie’s List. Please read some or all of our Yelp or Google reviews to see what we have done for other satisfied clients.

  • Tree Trimming – Has a tree grown into an awkward shape that is hard to trim? We will trim it correctly and remove any yard waste we create in the process.
  • Tree Removal – Our team will remove your problem tree(s) quickly and efficiently and with as little intrusion as possible.
  • Stump Removal – Without the proper equipment and skills, removing a medium to large stump can become quite a chore. Let us do the dirty work for you.
  • Tree Safety Assessments – Concerned about a limb falling on your home in the next big storm? We can assess your trees to determine and curb any issues before they become major headaches later.
  • Root Pruning – Some types of trees can over time cause a lot of damage to property beneath the soil. Roots can snake their way into drains, along foundation walls and under driveways, eventually loosening and breaking these structures.
  • Cabling and Bracing – Tree or shrub not sitting correctly? We can support it properly so that it has a chance to grow and flourish in the sandy Florida soil.
  • Tree Identification, Selection and Planting – Not sure what kind of tree is crowding out your garden? Wondering what you should plant along a property line to reduce noise? We can make recommendations based on your property and preferences, finding the perfect match for your lifestyle.
  • Fertilization – A key component to tree and shrub development, fertilization if done improperly or not at all can spell disaster for newly established trees. Don’t let a mistake kill off all your hard work, when in doubt call us out and we can help.
  • Historic Tree Preservation – Some trees have and should be preserved. They’ve been around a hundred or more years and are important testaments to the longevity and tenacity of some species. Many, if well taken care of, can continue to grow and beautify their surroundings for generations to come.
  • Consulting – Our team will help you determine what you should plant, where, when and how. Don’t waste money on trees and then wonder why they died six months later. Let us help you establish your trees correctly the first time.
  • Questions – Have a question about a tree removal or service? “Click here” or just give us a call.
A little history about Clearwater

Present-day Clearwater was originally the home of the Tocobaga people. Around 1835, the United States Army began construction of Fort Harrison, named after William Henry Harrison, as an outpost during the Seminole Wars. The fort was located on a bluff overlooking Clearwater Harbor, which later became part of an early 20th-century residential development called Harbor Oaks. University of South Florida archaeologists excavated the site in 1962 after Mark Wyllie discovered an underground ammunition bunker while planting a tree in his yard.

The area’s population grew after the Federal Armed Occupation Act of 1842 offered 160 acres to anyone who would bear arms and cultivate the land. Early settlers included the Stevens, Stevenson, Sever and McMullen families, who claimed and farmed large tracts of land. Prior to 1906, the area was known as Clear Water Harbor. The name “Clear Water” is thought to have come from a fresh water spring flowing from near where the City Hall building is located today. There were many other freshwater springs that dotted the bluff, many in the bay or harbor itself.

Originally part of Hillsborough County, the first road joining Clearwater and Tampa was built in 1849, which dramatically reduced the prior day-long commute between the cities.

Clearwater becomes a city 1915

By the early 1900s, Clearwater’s population had grown to around 400, ballooning to nearly 1,000 in the winter. Clearwater’s oldest existing newspaper, the Clearwater Sun, was first published on March 14, 1914. Clearwater was reincorporated, this time as a city, on May 27, 1915, and was designated the county seat for Pinellas County, which broke from Hillsborough County in 1912. In 1915, a bridge was built across Clearwater Harbor, joining the city with Clearwater Beach to the west. Clearwater Beach, although located on a separate barrier island, belongs to the city of Clearwater and fronts the Gulf of Mexico. A new, much higher bridge now arcs over the bay, replacing the former drawbridge; the connecting road is part of State Road 60 and is called Clearwater Memorial Causeway.

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