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Tree Service in Palm Harbor - Tree Trimming

Need tree service in Palm Harbor? There are typically three reasons to trim or prune a tree: safety, aesthetics and overall health of the tree. The health of your tree will affect its overall appearance. That is why it is important to have a tree service company in Palm Harbor check its health periodically for trimming or pruning. While there may be times you can trim a tree yourself, it is best to call a licensed and insured tree service company near you to do it.

Hiring a tree service is an important decision to make when it comes to tree trimming or removal. A tree service company can also provide tree trimming and pruning services, in addition to tree removal. Pruning trees helps maintain the health of the tree, as well as helping it look aesthetically pleasing. Tree trimming is also necessary in order to remove any dead or diseased branches that could potentially become a hazard. Hiring a tree service company to take care of tree removal and tree maintenance tasks is essential for the health and safety of your property. By taking advantage of experienced tree service technicians, you can be sure that your trees will be removed or maintained in a safe and effective manner. With the right tree service company on your side, you can feel confident that any tree-related needs you have will be addressed quickly, professionally, and safely.

Our tree service in Palm Harbor, Florida is a well-established, professional, and distinguished tree service company that offers tree trimming and tree removal in Palm Harbor. Allen’s Tree Works team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and competent tree service professionals in the Clearwater – Palm Harbor area. We carefully plan and execute each job with tactical precision. We work with residential homeowners, commercial and residential property management groups. If you have a question or concern about a tree, please give us a call. We provide free estimates.

Tree Removal in Palm Harbor Florida

Tree removal in Palm Harbor FlThinking you may need a tree removal in Palm Harbor? Deciding whether or not a tree should be removed can be a difficult decision and you should consider the following when assessing its future.

You should never attempt to remove a tree yourself and should always contact a tree removal service. Have them evaluate how healthy your tree is before removing it. If more than 50% of a tree is damaged then it should be eliminated. If the damage is less than 50%, other measures can be taken to save your tree if you so desire.

How will the property look after the tree is removed? That is always something to look at as well. Price is another factor. How much will it cost to have the tree removed? Prices vary based on the tree, it’s location and what might be obstacles when removing it. At Allen’s Tree works of Palm Harbor, we are a family owned, licensed & insured, affordable tree removal company in Palm Harbor. We also do Dunedin tree service, Clearwater tree service, tree service Safety Harbor and Largo tree service.

A little history on Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor is located 35 km north of downtown St. Petersburg and west of Tampa. It is a largely residential community with several concentrations of commerce. Downtown Palm Harbor, north of Tampa Road between U.S. Highway 19 Alternate and Omaha Street hosts many small shops and eateries along with a handful of historic buildings

Palm Harbor was originally called Sutherland, a shortening of Southern Land and Development Company, the group that originally platted the community as Sutherland, Hillsborough County, in 1888. The name was changed to Palm Harbor in 1925. Palm Harbor was originally settled by area pioneers including the Thompsons ca 1865, the Whitehursts, the Hollands, the Tinneys, the Suttons, the Rivieres, the Bensons, the Roberts, The Billgores, The Severs, The Allens, the Aldermans and the Wilsons. J.C. Craver was the first Northerner to permanently settle in this portion of Hillsborough County.

Palm Harbor has various recreational amenities. The area is home to John Chesnut, Sr. Park, located in the East Lake region, as well as H.S. “Pop” Stansell Park, located to the west of Palm Harbor Boulevard and overlooking St. Joseph’s Sound. The Palm Harbor Community Services District also manages several sport complexes in the community: Steve Putnam Park, Palm Field, and Sunderman Recreation Complex.