Things to do and places to go in Safety Harbor, Florida

If you’re looking to spend some down time in Safety Harbor, Florida there are quite a few areas and things you can try.

Philippe Park, one of the more beautiful parks in Safety Harbor, is a Pinellas County park located in Safety Harbor, Florida. The park was named after Odet Philippe, who is known to introduced grapefruit to Florida. The park is situated on 122 acres that was once a part of Philippe’s plantation. Philippe was the county’s first non-native settler, arriving in 1842. Philippe is additionally buried within the park but the precise location isn’t known. Half a century later his plantation was still growing citrus, as a nursery for the realm extending north to Tarpon Springs. Then, in 1907 citrus leprosis was first discovered by Fawcett. CL went on to almost eliminate citrus growing in Florida by 1925. A Tocobaga Indian mound that’s situated within the park could be a National Historic Landmark referred to as the protection Harbor Site. The temple mound is one in all the last remnants of the Tocobaga on the Pinellas Peninsula. Records indicate that Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, the founding father of St. Augustine, Florida, visited the location in 1566 to assist broker a truce between the Tocobaga and also the Calusa to the south. During the visit Pedro Menéndez founded a Spanish outpost nearby, but by 1567 it had been reported to be gone by the Tocobaga.

Another area of Safety Harbor to enjoy is main Street. Main Street carries with it many little shops and restaurants along the road. Most of the people wish to take an off-the-cuff stroll down the road and relax in the tiny town feel.

One of the popular places in Safety Harbor and what it’s known for is that the Safety Harbor Spa. It’s at the top on Main Street and sits right by the water. it’s world famous and has many visitors annually visit the spa. Right next to the spa could be a little boat marina and park.

Other places to see in Safety Harbor.